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"Thanks Bob for all your help with my parents. I think they are both feeling real comfortable, or at least they are no longer intimidated by the computer. I would say Job well done. I know they will call you if they get into trouble with the computer. In the meantime, I will send you a check for all of your sessions to date. Thanks for being patient with them and for making them so comfortable."


Okay, you bought a new computer with your hard earned money, brought it home and plugged in it...now what? Let's face it, learning about a computer can be a challenging adventure for most "fast learners". However, EZHelp has designed customized sessions that will remove the word "challenge" and replace it with "A Fun Way to Learn Computers"!


Sessions are determined by your existing knowledge of computers. EZHelp will first sit down with you for a FREE "off the clock" discussion to determine your profile and level of experience. Once we have an idea of YOUR wants and needs, we will design YOUR personal profile then proceed with the one on one tutoring.