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These testimonials are from just a few EZHelp satisfied customers that took time out of their busy schedule to voice their praise. The following are their actual emails:

"Hi Bob... .you are a genius.... your instructions were great and I followed them to a T and by gosh, that back up of C is now gone!!!! Everything seems to be running excellent and I am glad you came to the rescue. By the way, I update my McAfee weekly, this won't reinstate that Safe and Sound... do ya think? I really didn't think it would, just thought I would ask. Thanks for your help... You outta go into business for yourself!!!"
LOL... Kathy

"Hi Bob, Thank you very much! Really most of my words were just a sarcastic speech for my brother-in-law!lol! Ultimately, I really do enjoy the show! It's so refreshing to hear real people in a broadcast instead of the canned, rehearsed, redundant and mundane chatter on regular radio. Your format is alot of fun. It's almost like a serial, I can't wait for Sunday morning so I can hear what's gonna happen next! It's a "reality" show and the irony presented on it is a hoot! Thanks again, I'll be listening!"
Laura-aka Flo-aka Blondie.

"Great call EZHelp!! Renamed the file shelliconcache and rebooted twice. The first boot rebuilt the file at 'half' the size, second boot POOF the problem was gone. Incidentally the file before was 1,500k, after it was 888k.
Thank you"
John K. 

"Thanks Bob for all your help with my parents. I think they are both feeling real comfortable, or at least they are no longer intimidated by the computer. I would say Job well done. I know they will call you if they get into trouble with the computer. In the meantime, I will send you a check for all of your sessions to date. Thanks for being patient with them and for making them so comfortable."
Regards, Kerry

"You were very responsive and worked at the pace I sent you the edits. I would give your service high grades in Cost, Quality, Delivery, Flexibility and Technology."
Philip Michalek
President of PDM Investment Services Focused Growth Investor


"BTW, looking at your faxed invoice, if EZHelp is such a fun way to learn computing, why is there a big pile of your hair laying by the CNC machine?????? ;) Also Bob, that's way too cheap for the amount of time you put in over here! Though I know it's just SOOOOOO much fun hangin out here at ASAP! Thanks Bob!"
John S.
A.S.A.P Design
Warren, MI

"Thank you for doing such a good job on our site. I'm proud to call this my site. I know you spent a lot of time on it and we appreciate it. I will be promoting your business every chance I get. GOOD JOB BOB THANKS AGAIN!!!!"
Rob Abrahms
Owner - Northern Automation

Bob: "I must thank you again for your tremendous expertise in helping me get rid of two viruses that I had on my computer last week. Your instructions were clear and to the letter. And, boy, was I glad to see a clean virus scan again."

Sir you are a wizard, that's what it was!!!!!! It is working fine now. No, it wasn't always like that.....oh miss clicker finger must have removed that check from the original set-up and it has been months that I have not been able to use it. Thanks so much for your help!!!!!!!! Made my life and job a lot easier!!

"Well it is finally here's a SERVICE that will help everyone from the novice to the so-called-expert. EzHelp has been a lifesaver for myself and all of my family's computer needs. If you are looking for an easy way to learn and understand computers this is the place to go. EZHelp's instructors will work at your pace and make sure you completely understand what it is you want to learn and best of all is very reasonable. I've been to a couple 8 hour training classes and learned more with EzHelp's one on one personal instruction in just a couple of hours. One more thing before closing. If you don't have the time for the classes at this time and have a computer problem, EzHelp will fix all your problems from installing software to networking all the computers in your home or business. THANKS AGAIN EzHelp you have been great to work with and I will be back for more training.
If you have any questions please fell free to contact me, tomsal16@comcast.net."