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"Great call EZHelp!! Renamed the file shelliconcache and rebooted twice. The first boot rebuilt the file at 'half' the size, second boot POOF the problem was gone. Incidentally the file before was 1,500k, after it was 888k. Thank you"
John K.

Personal Services

In today's market, it is simply unheard of that any professional would come to your house for an extremely fair rate of pay. However, EZHelp is structured to do just that with no hidden costs, travel allowance nor down payments. Whether your needs are tutoring, assembly upgrades, computer repair or problematic software situations, EZHelp will perform the desired and or necessary work in the convenience of your own home in the comfort of your own environment. If a computer related problem cannot be remedied, EZHelp will transport your machine to its workshop and back to your home at absolutely no additional charge to you. That's our promise!!