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"I have already received email from folks who have seen the site and it is getting rave reviews. Good! Show!
Lynn White
Radio For Life

"You were very responsive and worked at the pace I sent you the edits. I would give your service high grades in Cost, Quality, Delivery, Flexibility and Technology."
Philip Michalek
President of PDM Investment Services Focused Growth Investor

Starting A Website

So, you want a website! Whether you're a large or small business or want to have a personal website, your imagination will come to life and be available for viewing around the world by following a few easy steps.

Domain Registration

The name for your website is called a domain. This is the name visitors to your site will type in their browser as a URL. Normally the name is associated with either your business or, if the website is personal, perhaps even your real name. The domain you choose will be unique since there can be ONLY one in the world. However, other people may replicate your domain name by purchasing a variety of available extensions. Example: EZHelp Computers, LLC owns the domain ezhelp.org. Sadly, there is ezhelp.com and ezhelp.net both of which have nothing to do with ezhelp.org. Once you have a name you would like to use, it may be wise to purchase the .com, .net and .org also, if available. The cost to purchase a domain varies from $10 to $15 annually for each.

Web Hosting

Now that we have our domain we will need somewhere to store the files for our website. An affordable Web Hosting facility will remedy this problem and offer you much more. The price for web hosting is approximately $90 for a 24 month period - or about $3.75 per month. I did say web hosting will offer you much more - Example: you will be able to utilize a professional email address. Instead of johndoe@comcast.net it could be johndoe@ezhelp.org. In addition to a specific email addresses, the web hosting facility will allow you to create professional contact forms, automatic submission to a variety of search engines, database software (if needed) and fraud, virus and spam protection all for a reasonable monthly rate.

Website Build

Now that we have our domain name and a web hosting facility to store the website files, all you need is an actual website. The person who will develop your website is called the webmaster. He or she will be responsible for the composition of the site based on the your content, design and color scheme. Basic websites consist of the following pages: home, welcome or landing page, about us, contact and a page explaining what services you provide. Website designs range from $150 - $2,000 depending on the quantity of pages and the complexity of the site.

Your One Stop Shop

The process of domain registration, web hosting and the website build can be overwhelming. Since EZHelp Computers, LLC is "Your One Stop Shop", we are recognized as the premier organization in the industry for all you web services. We provide the customer a "worry free" package and will handle the project to its completion - all at an extremely affordable price. Our technical support staff is second to none and available 24/7. Your satisfaction is our number one goal.